IOT in the workplace.

We all live in a world dominated by networked devices — smartphones, televisions, thermostats, vacuum cleaners, running shoes, and wrist bands. That new world — the Internet of Things (IoT) technology — will soon be permeating the workplace. So how will this shape the future of the workplace? Well, it’s not just automating office temperature or turning on the office coffee pot. It's about tapping into a higher plane of social interaction and productivity between colleagues.

Empowering people, not things.

The “Internet of Things” won’t just empower things — it will also empower people to better manage aspects of their work lives.

This trend is already underway with the introduction of fingerprint scanning on the mobile phones, cars equipped to sync with devices, and other location-based mobile services.

Eventually, employees might have one device that intuitively knows them more deeply and will "act" accordingly. No need to tap buttons to get directions, for instance — the device will already know you’re driving to meet a client at the nearest café and will have the fastest route ready for you when you start the engine.

Effectively, the infrastructure of the smart office—smartphones, wearables, and applications—is already in place. All that’s missing is the foundation to bring it all together.

Data entry is another way to boost productivity. IoT can help create efficiency around this task — and limit mistakes. As more devices become connected, manual entry will fall by the wayside, giving humans more time to focus on ways to be proactive with the data rather than spending time entering it.

Connecting people across your company enhances accuracy and productivity. If a social media manager gets a question about her product’s API, she no longer has to fumble for a documentation page; instead, she can reach out to the product team for an answer within minutes. You can connect the right person, at the right time, no matter where you are.

And these are just some examples. The latest and greatest IoT developments will enable you to get more in less time. Imagine being able to fulfill large-scale tasks faster while making fewer mistakes in your work.

If you’re a business owner, you will be able to follow every aspect of your company—from controlling inventory to managing employees. When every tool and device is connected to one centralised system, it becomes much easier to control them. This will improve data analysis and management results and broaden the opportunity to expand your business.

What’s more, the enhanced connectivity IoT offers lets companies more easily connect with their customers and clients, preventing potential problems and creating new revenue streams based on automatically collected feedback, and while many companies have already adopted IoT technology, the direction is clear and scope for growth huge with the potential to transfrom objects into smart services and reshape our lives.

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