QuIHN is a statewide, not for profit, and non-government health service which provides a variety of health services to illicit drug users throughout Queensland.

uses OneSpace to:
Launch a brand-new intranet in just weeks.
Train and get staff buy-in with outstanding pilot process.
Develop fresh, new content with a simple, user-friendly CMS.

QuIHN had a SharePoint platform which was never utilised as an intranet. Considered to be too complex and out of their depth, the platform sat idle and unfortunately never amounted to more than a customised page with a few out-of-the-box basic webparts. With a lack of governance and no information architecture plan in place, the site quickly became unmanageable due to legacy content and a lack of dedicated resource from the team.

OneSpace illustrated to QuIHN just how simple and quick to deploy a beautiful, user-friendly intranet platform could be. In fact, this Not-for-Profit with 150 employees were able to have an enterprise ready intranet in a matter of a few weeks.

QuIHN were excited to come on board and launch their new intranet in just weeks, with a pilot process easing transition and user adoption.

The pilot process used by the team at OneSpace assisted users who were unfamiliar with the features, layout and capabilities of a great intranet to get a thorough understanding about what an intranet should contain and this helped QuIHN tailor the intranet for their specific needs. Additionally, the Pilot phase helped reduce complexity for adoption from users - a proven factor in success and ROI.

The results using OneSpace

QuIHN have now successfully launched their first "real" intranet, and are now leaps and bounds ahead from where they were previously with improved staff communications and engagement - both of which help to significantly improve their productivity. Utilising the relevant out-of-the-box features of OneSpace, QuIHN were able to develop a personalised site, with all the functionality they required for a fraction of the cost of a custom built intranet.

And the best part? The back-end CMS made it simple for the nominated content-editors to quickly and seamlessly transition into a role where they could manage content across the site, ensuring it will always stay fresh, engaging and relevant for their teams.

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